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Silver Shield Gold Coins For Sale

Some people may not understand the draw of coin collecting...they don’t see how coins can tell a story – until they witness the Silver Shield line of products. These coins are a modern take on real threats and concerns, but also the victories and hopes that the American people face today. The Silver Shield Golden Girl, or Silver Shield Gold Freedom Girl, as she is also known, is one of the most beautiful and iconic of this product line.

At the end of World War One, the sculptor Anthony di Francisci was commissioned to create a coin called the Peace Dollar, one of the most recognizable coins in America today. The Silver Shield Freedom Girl is a modern take on the peaceful profile of the woman on the Peace Dollar, with her loose, curly hair blowing in the wind, and the word Freedom etched next to her face.

The Silver Shield Gold Freedom Girl is not the only silver shield coin that was made in gold. The Determined Freedom coin, featuring the strong face of a Native American woman, and the word Freedom, was also created. Both coins feature the interlocking design on the back that is featured on all Silver Shield coins, with the .9999 Pure AU designation along side the words “1 Troy Ounce” and the mint year.

While this coin is largely designed for collectors, the underlying message, of freedom from the consequences of a corrupt government, make this coin particularly attractive to investors interested in building wealth for a survival situation. These coins can be easily sold to collectors in the future, and the .9999 fine gold of the Silver Shield Gold Freedom Girl coin allows that it is IRA-eligible. You can invest in a coin that represents who you are, and your thoughts about the world, while also laying a path for a stable financial future.

This coin is 32mm in diameter, and comes in an airtight case as well as a Silver Shield display box and the certificate of authenticity. The Silver Shield Gold Freedom Girl is a highly limited run, and only SD Bullion has it at the lowest price online. The design was created by the acclaimed sculptress Heidi Wastweet, meaning that you’ll be investing in more than just gold – you’ll also receive a piece of art.