1/2 oz Gold Eagles

Just like the 1 oz American Gold Eagle coins, the half ounce American Gold Eagle strikes the perfect balance between collectible and investment. With its universally recognizable design, and its ability to be applied to a gold IRA, this coin is a great way to invest in gold bullion with a little style.
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1/2 oz Gold American Eagles For Sale

The reverse of the 1/2 ounce American Gold Eagle coin shows Lady Liberty, as depicted by Augustus Saint Gaudens in the early 1900's. She holds an olive branch and a torch, and the word Liberty arches over her head. On the obverse, a powerful eagle flies towards a nest holding his mate and young, surrounded by the United States’ motto, as well as the markings that declare this coin worth $25 in currency.

The ½ oz Gold Eagle weight is half an ounce of actual gold, and the ½ oz Gold Eagle dimension is 27mm around. At SD Bullion, the 1/2 oz Gold American Eagle price is the lowest online, and represents a significant price difference from the standard full 1 ounce Gold American Eagle. This makes it much easier for a young investor, or an investor on a budget, to own one of these iconic gold coins.

However, the ½ ounce Gold Eagles shouldn’t be thought of as something only designed for entry-level investors. These are still a great way to boost a portfolio, especially if an investor wants to include some highly liquid assets in their retirement plan. For example, it may be easier to sell a half ounce Gold Eagle coin than a one ounce Gold Eagle because of the price difference.

When you hold a ½ ounce American Gold Eagle coin in your hand, you hold a part of American history. While modern-day American Gold Eagles have only been in production for a few decades from the US Mint, the design and icon go back to the early industrial era.