Israeli Bullion UltraVaults by ISM Goldman

ISM Safes

If you're purchasing bullion, coins, rounds, or other products in your preferred precious metals, then you need to have a safe place to store your products. You could invest into a safe deposit box at your local financial institution, but why not consider storing your valuables at home? ISM Safes provide you with the coin and bullion storage you need with TLTR rated products which originate from Israel.

About ISM Goldman

ISM Goldman was established in Israel in 1914. In just two decades, they were able to establish themselves as the leading innovator of safe and vault technologies in the Middle East. ISM safes have been available in the United States for precious metal collectors since the 1950s. Only the best materials are used for each safe, allowing this organization to meet even the most stringent American, European, and Israeli standards for security.

ISM Goldman continues to invest into technologies and advancements within the security industry to continue pushing the standards for security that are approved by Underwriters Laboratories. Today this company is a global leader in terms of patents owned within the safe and vault industry, allowing the company to serve as a model throughout the world in the protection of personal gold, silver, and financial assets.

To put it another way: the goal of an ISM safe is simple. It is intended to provide you with a certain peace of mind when it comes to the protection of your valuables and assets. If you want to store your precious metals at home, then you are going to want an ISM safe for your items.

Why Choose ISM Safes for Precious Metal Storage?

ISM likes to say that their products aren't designed to just meet standards. They are designed to create the standards of other security safes. The Super Platinum TRTL-60x6 is the only safe in the world with that rating, which means it is torch and tool resistant. This provides investors and collectors with a security safe which has a maximum level of burglary resistance. The Super Platinum even offers 1 hour of cutting torch resistance on all 6 sides.

ISM Safes stand out because they are cast in one piece. This gives you an extra level of strength so your precious metals can receive the maximum level of protection they deserve. Special alloy bars and a tar insulation help to enhance the security you receive and the lock is certified to be tamper-resistant. They are literally a home vault and you have the only access to the vault doors.

Another option from ISM Safes is the TRTL 30x6 Super Treasury. This safe offers independent relockers, a similar construction to the larger Super Platinum, and comes pre-equipped for connection to an alarm system. The interior offers adjustable shelves amongst several options that will allow you to store your coins, bullion, and more in the way you prefer. The bolts slide out in several directions to help combat even the most sophisticated burglars which may target your valuables.

If you're looking for an in-wall option with similar security features, then the Fortress is a solid choice from ISM Safes. It offers a multi-layered structure, combine with multi-direction boltwork and double locking through a combination lock and high security key lock which are protected by re-lockers. In-wall bolt sockets help to prevent burglars from simply removing the safe from your property to crack them open later.

Are ISM Safes the Right Choice For You?

Before purchasing any safe, you should first contact your insurance company about what safes they may prefer. If your safe is not on their list of approved safes for your preferred precious metals, you may find it more difficult to file a claim should something happen. ISM safes are available with a variety of different security levels, from the Ultra Vault with a TL 30x6 rating to the premium Super Platinum, allowing you to combine the right price with the right level of security.

ISM Goldman produces high quality, high security safes in such a way that your budget doesn't have to be destroyed just so you can protect your investments. The physical construction and use of composite materials in every safe will provide you and your precious metals or other assets with a maximum security barrier against sophisticated burglary attempts.

Instead of paying an ongoing fee to have a financial institution provide the storage and protection you need, consider the benefit of having an ISM safe for your items within reach. Each is TL rated so that your gold, silver, jewelry, and more can receive a proper level of security that your insurance company will appreciate.