stock market

  1. Why Stocks and Precious Metals Prices Fall?

    Rise by the leverage, fall by the deleveraging.

    This past week's fastest drop in the US stock market since July 1933 in the Great Depression validated our recent video update documenting silver and gold vs stock performances last +50 years of market recessions and bear markets. 

    What we saw this past week was virtually all asset classes melting down in fiat prices. 

    It was akin to what we witnessed for gold bullion and silver bullion during the spring of 2008, before the full fall 2008 Global Financial Crisis became apparent to all. Time will tell if this current situation feeds on itself leading again to bullion shortages.

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  2. Gold Price During Recession

    This week we want to focus on historic US Stock market downturns. And mainly examine them through percentage losses juxtaposed by gold, and silver values through the same timeframes.

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  3. Talking Precious Metals with James Anderson and Forex Analytix

    James Anderson from SD Bullion spoke with Forex Analytix about the current state of precious metals.

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