silver prices

  1. Silver Price Surges Nearly 20% In 3 Days!

    Silver Price Surges Nearly 20% In 3 Days!

    The silver price is surging!

    And since the silver price is surging, today, I'd like to make this Midweek Market Report silver-centric, meaning that I will discuss each and every chart as it pertains to silver, and I also have many different timeframes of the silver charts to share.

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  2. Silver's V-Shaped Spot Price Recovery

    The recent V-shaped recovery for spot silver price and COMEX silver futures prices is now near completion.

    The silver spot price now threatens to again pass $20 an ounce next week, now is a good time to remind ourselves about the last time we saw the spot silver prices crash and then rebound with simultaneous retail and whole silver bullion shortage.

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