New Release: 2019 Biblical Series Silver Coins

2019 Biblical Series Coins - One of the Most Unique Series Online

SD Bullion now has the beautifully-minted 2019 Biblical Series available for purchase!

About the Biblical Series

The Biblical Series is minted with 5 different designs each year, with the series starting in 2015. The Scottsdale Mint intends on continuing the series until 2024, totaling 50 coins in the series.

The five designs for the 2019 coins are the ‘Crown of Thorns’, ‘Firstborn Slain’, ‘Cast the First Stone’, ‘Crowned Virgin’, & ‘Samson Slays the Lion’.

Each of these coins has a limited mintage of just 1,499 pieces, and this limited availability has contributed significantly to the high demand and collectibility of these silver coins. Additionally, each coin has an individual serial number both on the outside of the box and minted on the reed of the coin.

Also, the coin comes with its own individual certificate of authenticity fro

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