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Gold Tier 1 Asset Price Strength vs Silver | Vince Lanci

Gold Basel 3 Gold Basel iii Gold Tier 1 asset Gold Tier One Asset

In this week's Silver and Gold Podcast, we touch on gold's impressive fiat price strength of late.

Why and how banks and large financial institutions now consider gold bullion a tier-one monetary asset, no longer a devalued tier-three asset since post-1971 until the start of 2019.

Why does, first-time precious metal podcast guest to our show, Mr. Vince Lance (gold and silver trading veteran) believe the yellow precious monetary metal has been trading stronger than fiat currency denominated silver prices of late?

How long he thinks this trend may continue? As well, what are some catalysts that might change the direction as has happened in the somewhat recent past?

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LBMA Gold Price Transparency in One Chart

LBMA Gold COMEX Silver Price Containment Charts

In this gold podcast, we'll blow some mathematical holes through the LBMA's ongoing transparency push.

As well, into the general western world silver price containment machinations which, judged via long term price data, have been ongoing from the 1980s up to today.

And too, we'll cover a gold related Executive Order signed by President Trump this week as the US Treasury continues sanctioning the Venezuelan regime headed by dictator Nicolas Maduro.

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Silver, Palladium, Oil Gold SWIFT | David Jensen

Precious Metals Podcast Silver Palladium Oil Gold SWIFT with David Jensen Strategic by SD Bullion Podcast SDBullion.com

In the Metals & Markets episode, our guest and I, will discuss a bit on one precious metal that has outperformed virtually all since 2008, palladium.

We will also discuss continued macro changes ongoing in global Oil markets, and the European Unions recent decision to begin moving away from SWIFT for trade with Iran, Russia, and China.

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Financial Crisis 2008 - 2018 Look Back | James Anderson

This week, if you consumed any mainstream financial press, chances are you might have felt like you were wading through a myriad of half truths and over simplifications as to how the 2008 financial crisis came about.

This video / podcast is a curated tour of some recent notable commentaries and choice media coverages, a decade since the 2008 collapse of Lehman Brothers.

We will also cover some current trial balloons in the financial media in regards to unconventional responses for the next financial crisis.

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Paradox to future Precious Metal Price Peaks | Ned Naylor-Leyland

On the heels of US Mint sell outs of Silver Eagle coins and Gold Buffalo Coins, we speak with Ned Naylor-Leyland, a Gold & Silver Fund Manager.

We talk about the ongoing cognitive dissonance amongst most investors in the western world. Happy to hold bonds, cash, and stocks while mostly shunning precious metals.

Come hear how Ned believes the next nominal price highs for precious metals will come about in the future.

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