fiscal stimulus

  1. Election Chaos, Fiat Fraud Near 50 Years Running

    Political uncertainty and allegations of election fraud have now hit the still contested 2020 US Presidential election. While there are claims that we may know the winner by the end of this week, judging by the way things have played out this week.

    It looks like election results will be contested in the courts and decisions could drag on for weeks to come before the American people and the world know the final confirmed results of this presidential election. 

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  2. Gold & Silver Prices Waiting On A Spark

    Gold & Silver Prices Waiting On A Spark

    Trading has been choppy with precious metals neither really breaking out nor breaking down.

    What's changed over the last week?

    It's more like what hasn't changed!

    In no particular order, we see the fundamental drivers of the market are in the same state of suspended animation as last week:

    • Ongoing stimulus talks stalemate
    • Biden and Trump supporters fully entrenched and confident in their own side
    • No real surprises in the ACB Supreme Court confirmation hearings
    • Coronavirus is not really surging and not really waning

    So as we can see, in my opinion, right now, gold bullion & silver bullion...

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