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  1. Gold & Silver Break Out?

    Gold & Silver Break Out, Fake Out, Or Something Else?

    Gold & silver surged on Monday with follow-through momentum on Tuesday. The surge in gold & silver is coming off of moves that could be argued as becoming extended, and the commodities sector is currently in a correction. Gold & silver also have to deal with the Fed and the Federal Government’s “transitory inflation” narrative. Last week, I said that I thought gold & silver needed a spark to really get moving. Perhaps the escalating conflict in the Middle East is, or was, at least for a day, that spark? 

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  2. What Is Going On With Silver?

    What Is Going On With Silver?

    What a wild ride in silver!

    In just one week, silver blasted off from under $24.75 to over $30, and then silver plunged right back down to under $27 again! While in the long-term, yes, this is going to be one great ride in silver for silver investors, now that several days of the so-called "Reddit-inspired silver squeeze" have gone by, and the attention to the cause is arguably waning, some unfriendly forces have emerged and appear to be weighing down on the price of silver in the short-term, and if not outright weighing down on the price, then at the very minimum, stemming the rising tide. While this can be an emotional rollercoaster for many people, especially people trading into and out of financialized, paper silver market positions, which I do not recommend doing, the key is to understand that any pressure on silver here is short-term.

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