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NIRP, Real Negative Interest Rates We've Had Since 1990s | Eric Dubin

Real Negative Interest Rates have been in the USA since mid 1990s

Not merely a returning guest, but a returning original host of this SD Metals & Markets podcast.

Eric Dubin drops by to talk financial markets and some of the craziest news from this week.

Such as a more than 23 yr employee and the up until last month, the global head of JP Morgan’s precious metal trading desk has been on a leave of absence from work. We ponder what that might mean as the US Department of Justice continues its investigation of financial crimes committed for more than a decade at that bank’s derivatives trading desks.

President Trump tweeted on 9/11 for the Fed to cut not just to Zero percent but even nominal Negative Interest Rates ahead. If you think gold loves negative real rates, just imagine what nominal negative rates in the USA could do to the over-leverage gold derivative complex.

Those topics and more covered in this week's Metals & Markets bullion podcast.

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What will fuel Silver Gold to New Highs? | Ned Naylor Leyland

What will fuel Silver Gold Record Prices to Come Ned Naylor Leyland SD Bullion Podcast

Another intense week for the precious metals complex, with monetary spot prices peaking in the middle of the week.

On Wednesday, the spot gold price briefly eclipsed the critical $1550 level. It remains questionable if gold will make a run for $1600 or need some time to gather energy.

It was one year ago, the last time we spoke with Ned Naylor-Leyland in London.

I spoke with him yesterday, Thursday, September 5th about the significant changes in financial market sentiments since we last spoke. We primarily focus on the silver market.

What are the catalysts which will drive a raging bull market for precious metals? 

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Dave Kranzler, Investment Research Dynamics | Gold Silver Market Update

Gold Podcast Silver Podcast Bullion Podcast Platinum Podcast

Dave Kranzler comes back on our gold silver podcast Metals & Markets Wrap.

We talk about the bullishness in bullion values of late. What he is seeing and perhaps expects in the financial markets to come.

We also touch on easy to perform gauges for the current precious metal market sentiment. Timeframes that may have been similar this century.

And what is going on in the precious metal-loving eastern world versus the western world? Come on in, the PM market is warming up.

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Ted Butler | +100 Million oz Silver Trade, JP Morgan Busted Again

Ted Butler Silver Trade over 100 million ounces in under 3 months SD Bullion

Another longtime JP Morgan precious metals trader busted by the US Justice Department this week.

In the last three months of time, we have witnessed over 100 million troy ounces of silver bullion flow into three major silver ETFs.

An amount of silver bullion nearly equivalent to both the 1980 Hunt Brothers and late pre-2000 Warren Buffett Berkshire Hathaway silver hoards. 

This week, we speak with multi-decade silver analyst Ted Butler about these big silver news items and more.

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Gold Silver Market Update | In Gold We Trust

gold podcast, silver podcast, bullion podcast

Is gold now leading a coming commodity value reversion? How does this commodity undervaluation versus stocks look over the last +100 years of time?

Why have silver values decoupled from stock price inflation? A once obvious correlation fell apart after the 2008 financial crisis. Is outsized stock market financial engineering using debt and equity share buybacks to blame?

What does the "In Gold We Trust" team think about recent strength in monetary precious metal values? How does Exter's Pyramid factor into the potential gold mania phase ahead?

Ronnie Stoeferle returns to our far-ranging silver and gold podcast this week. 

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Silver Bull Markets Past & Future | Jeffrey Christian, CPM Group

Silver Podcast Jeffrey Christian CPM Group

This past Wednesday before the Federal Reserve cut interest rates for the first time in over a decade, and we had the pleasure of speaking with Jeffrey Christian of CPM Group about a whole host of topics.

We cover what, in his experience, are the key ingredients for silver bullion bull markets of the past and potential future.

We also go back in time as Jeffrey recollects his experience as a journalist covering the Hunt Brothers in the late 1970s commodity bull markets.

Hear Mr. Christian and CPM Group's gold and silver price forecasts for the coming years, as the global financial system is perhaps in the worst shape it has been since World War 2.

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Silver Gold Price Forecast 2030s 2020s | Jordan Roy Bryne

Gold 2030s Silver 2020s Silver 2030s Gold 2020s Gold Bull Market

Time to take a long view out for the next coming bull market in commodities and these two precious metals: silver and gold.

We speak with Jordan Roy Byrne about his Gold Price Forecast 2020s 2030s and Silver Price Forecast 2020s 2030s.

Wait until you see the extensive timeframes and data he uses in helping to potentially pinpoint when the next bull markets in commodities and precious metals are coming. And for how long they will last before topping out.

Finally, and very importantly, we go into detail as to the "Whys" for his analysis. If you are a bullion stacker, with a long-term perspective, don't miss this week's precious metals podcast.

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Gold Price Analysis | Christopher Aaron, iGold Advisor

Gold Price News Analysis iGoldAdvisor SDBullion.com

This week, our returning guest Christopher Aaron of iGold Advisor takes us through some past moments when overly optimistic precious metal viewpoints got crushed.

We juxtapose some of his fundamental and technical analysis work overlaying it to today’s technical and fundamental backdrops for bullion, precious metal related investments, and even the future of the broad commodity complex in general.

Is this a potential gold price breakout fakeout? Perhaps keying on one of the climbing gold-silver ratios of the past may give some pause to bullion bulls. See and hear what our guest has to say in this week's bullion podcast.

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Market Crash 2020s Charts & Data | David Jensen

Market Crash 2020s Charts Data Gold Silver Podcast

The gold-silver ratio finally cleared and closed above the near 30-year high-level mark, with it now costing about 90 ounces of silver to acquire 1 ounce of gold. In the coming months and year, we’ll likely find out if this crucial ratio can distort to record levels over 100, reached only during the 1930s Great Depression.

Get a big picture tour of the US and global economy from a returning guest, Mr. David Jensen of Jensen Strategic consulting.

If you are perhaps a big chart and data person, or someone who subscribes to more common sense economic theories, you won’t want to miss Dave’s contributions to this week’s podcast.

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US Mint Sold Out All of Us Long Ago

US Mint Sold Us Out Long Ago

Yea we know, it's a harsh blog title, but there are various real reasons to be critical of the US Mint. Here come but a few.

One would think the US Mint might show more respect and higher quality business practices towards the customer bases it makes its highest profit margins off of.

But judging them by their actions, not their words. Dubious folk may now lead the US law driven charge, to supply the public's demand with sufficient Silver and Gold Eagle bullion coins.

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Russian Gold Reserves: A Prudent Bullion Allocation Model

Russias Gold Reserves a prudent bullion investment allocation model

We are going to look at some details regarding the Russian Federation’s building gold reserves, now having just passed the 2,000 tonne gold bullion total.

We are going to cover a bit of background on how this Russian gold buying policy was partially brought about. We’re going to show much gold bullion Russia officially has compare to other major gold players in the world.

And finally we’re going to look at how “gold backed’ the Russian ruble currency currently is, compared to other major fiat currencies such as the US dollar, euro, yen, British pound, Chinese yuan, and Swiss franc.

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Silver Gold News Update | Louis from SmaulGld

Gold Silver News Update SmaulGld.com Smaul Gld Louis Cammarosano Bullion Podcast

Major gold miner consolidation | Billionaire bullionaire or just a synthetic derivative trader? 

More kindling on the palladium shortage fire? | How the 1997 Warren Buffett silver buy rivaled the 1980 Hunt Brothers silver play

All these topics and more as we speak with returning guest to our Metals and Markets Podcast, Mr. Louis Cammarosano of Smaul Gld.

You won't believe how tiny the amount of Palladium the official Japanese futures contract market exchange has remaining in their deliverable "stockpile". 

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SalivateMetal Youtube Channel Interview

Silver Stacker Youtube Channel host SalivateMetal Salivate Metal SD Bullion SDBullion.com gold silver podcast

If you have been using Youtube over the years to consume precious metal related content, chances are you know that there is a robust stacker community of Youtube channels.

These bullion related Youtube channels cover everything from product unboxing videos, to bullion sales community updates, to precious metals market related coverage.

This week’s guest is one such Youtube channel operator. He goes by the moniker 'Salivate Metal' and his Youtube channel has been a good balanced source for precious metal related content over the last +5 years.

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Quoth the Raven - Chris Irons

yes the US Treasury secretary did this

If you have never heard Chris Irons or his Quoth the Raven podcast, you may not know that he often uses colorful rated R language when he speaks about the financial markets. Rather than fill this audio with a bunch of bleeps and language censorship, I have decided to simply let the audio play as was recorded.

Do not listen to this podcast if you are offended by language you might hear in a Rated R film. Do not listen to this podcast aloud around children.

Do indeed listen to this podcast if adult language does not offend you. Do listen if you are interested in hearing someone explicitly speak about how they view financial markets currently.

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Growing US Debts & Liabilities Lead to a Bad State of Affairs | Professor Steve Hanke

Record US Debts unfunded liabilities: Bad State of Affairs Professor Steve Hanke SD Bullion Podcast

This week, we have a new guest on the Metals & Markets podcast. A man who has first hand experience both in intervening and quelling currency crises throughout his career.

Steve H. Hanke, a Professor of Applied Economics and Co-Director of The Johns Hopkins Institute for Applied Economics, Global Health, and the Study of Business Enterprise. 

Professor Hanke served on President Reagan’s Council of Economic Advisers, has been an adviser to 5 foreign heads of state and 5 foreign cabinet ministers, and held a cabinet-level rank in both Lithuania and Montenegro.

Come hear what the professor has to say about where the US government is potentially headed with this record debt and unfunded liability pile growing.

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Financial Vet on Gold and Markets | Greg Weldon

Greg Weldon bullion podcast interview SD Bullion

With us this week, a new guest, who will take us back in time to his beginning days in the 1980s COMEX NYMEX futures contract trading pits all the way back to today.

We also discuss current ongoings with the US dollar, the euro, crude oil prices, growing Federal and consumer debt levels, especially in relation to the recent inversion of shorter term US bonds vs longer duration IOUs. 

As well we’ll discuss both his up, and potential downsides for gold prices in the coming years. Our guest's commentary on silver, platinum, and palladium are all worthwhile hearing as well.

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Trump Has 30 Days to Act | Dave Janda

President Trump has 30 days Dr. Dave Janda

With us this week is a new guest to the show. He is Dr. Dave Janda of DaveJanda.com.

A recently retired orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Janda is author of The Awakening of a Surgeon book. He is also host of Ann Arbor, Michigan’s weekly radio program called "The Operation Freedom Radio Show".

Dave Janda believes the Trump Administration has only weeks remaining to illicit actions required to truly reestablish the rule of law and help make America great again.

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JP Morgan Silver Manipulation Confirmation | Ted Butler

JPMorgan Silver Manipulation Confirmation Ted Butler SD Bullion Podcast

This week's guest has spent a large portion of his adult life, working on knowledge revolving around commodity price discovery, most specifically in the silver market (COMEX).

Ted Butler visits with us, to discuss the FBI's recent receiving of a guilty plea from a 13 year ex-precious metal derivative trader who manipulated spot prices for years while working at JP Morgan.

There is much more to this story. The Department of Justice published the following words on their website...

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Gold Silver 2019 Major Macro Trends | Christopher Aaron, iGold Advisor

Silver Gold Prices 2019 Major Macro Trends Christopher Aaron, iGold Advisor SD Bullion Silver Gold podcast

This week, we speak with Christopher Aaron of iGoldAdvisor.com on major macro trends for gold, silver, and the financial markets to close 2018 into 2019.

Last time Chris was on his show in early June 2018, we disussed the then building probability that spot prices could fall as they indeed did in the latter summer 2018.

What major trends is Chris watching at the moment? What is happening with the gold silver ratio, bond market, and how useful is the COT Report for making short term trading calls? 

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Tesla Bears, Commodity Bulls

If you’ve been following Elon Musk and the domestic car company Tesla over the years you likely know that from about 2010 to 2017, the company and its CEO Elon Musk have basically been financial media darlings who could do no wrong.

Yet Tesla Motors may have just become this stock bubble’s poster child for overvaluation and hype. 

As US interest rates continue to increase, we can expect other hot tech story stocks like Tesla will be finding rougher times ahead, while various commodities and precious metals again get their time to shine.

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