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Who owns the most Silver Bullion? | Ag Whales in the Fully Fiat Era

Who owns the most Silver? SD Bullion

Great week in silver and gold spot price action. Also, a week in which some bullion industry analysts were speculating on potential silver whales going long in the market.

In this silver podcast, we go silver whale hunting, but instead of venturing guesses, we're going to use source documents to understand a few things like the following.

Learn modern-day silver hoards of bullion and derivative facts. Put some faces and names to the largest private silver bullion piles ever amassed.

Hear directly from some of them, both on their main shortcomings and continued scapegoatings. See why the most massive silver hoarder today may also be stashing gold bullion too for fear of failure.

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Warren Buffett Silver Hoard 1997-2006

Warren Buffett Silver Investment 1997-2006 SD Bullion SDBullion.com

Warren Buffett and his consistently ignorant remarks revolving around gold are often trumpeted by stock and bond market cheerleaders.

But little known is that Warren Buffett was a record-sized Silver Bullion stacker beginning in 1997.

Here we cover a deeper dig into the details of this 129.7 million ounce silver bullion position.

It’s buy-sell timeline, how it blew out silver lease rates to 75% in 1998. And the ugly alleged details surrounding the 2006 sale of this then record-sized silver hoard.

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Silver Gold News Update | Louis from SmaulGld

Gold Silver News Update SmaulGld.com Smaul Gld Louis Cammarosano Bullion Podcast

Major gold miner consolidation | Billionaire bullionaire or just a synthetic derivative trader? 

More kindling on the palladium shortage fire? | How the 1997 Warren Buffett silver buy rivaled the 1980 Hunt Brothers silver play

All these topics and more as we speak with returning guest to our Metals and Markets Podcast, Mr. Louis Cammarosano of Smaul Gld.

You won't believe how tiny the amount of Palladium the official Japanese futures contract market exchange has remaining in their deliverable "stockpile". 

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