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What is NYMEX? (Platinum, Palladium Futures Contracts)

If you have been studying commodity markets or buying bullion chances are high, you will have come across the acronym NYMEX.

Here we discuss what is the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX), its history, and relevance, especially to Platinum bullion and Palladium bullion prices at SD Bullion and beyond.

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Palladium Price Record Drivers | David Jensen

Record Palladium Price Drivers David Jensen bullion podcast

The terms 'record price' and 'palladium' may become highly synonymous ahead.

Especially if the palladium supply demand factors we are about to discuss continue to help in discovering its price.

David Jensen joins us on this week's precious Metals & Markets Podcast to discuss why palladium price records keep occurring, and how this may all play out.

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