Pure Silver Bullets - Nearly Perfect Replicas of Popular Ammunition

SD Bullion has 8 different types of silver bullets available for you to purchase right now!

About SD Bullion Bullets

There are 4 different sizes of bullets available: 1 oz, 2 oz, 5 oz, & 10 oz. Each of these bullets are exact replicas of some of the most used bullets in recent US history. Each of these weights come in two different finishes: standard silver bullion and gold & rhodium plated. Both types of bullets are minted using .999 silver.

The 1 oz Silver Bullet is modeled after the .45 ACP bullet, which is commonly used in pistols such as the M1911, Glock, Beretta, and many others.

The 2 oz Silver Bullet is modeled after the .308 Caliber Bullet, commonly used in rifles like the Remington 700, Winchester Model 70, AR-10 and many other mid-range and sniper rifles.

The 5 oz Silver Bullet is modeled after the Shotgun Shell. There are three main types of shotgun shells: the birdshot, buckshot, and the slug. The 5 oz bullet sold by SD Bullion most closely resembles the slug. The birdshot and buckshot both have smaller projectiles in them, while the slug is one lead or steel projectile that is fired.

The 10 oz Silver Bullet is modeled after the .50 Caliber Bullet. This bullet can be used in both anti-vehicle weapons as well as snipers such as the Barrett 50 Cal. The bullet can also be used in some large pistols like the Smith & Wesson Model 500.

.45 Caliber Bullet

During the late 1890's, US Cavalry Officers began searching for a replacement for their single-action Colt revolvers. Colt worked with Browning to develop the Colt Model 1905 pistol that fired a new size bullet: the 45 caliber. While it was replaced by the US Military by the 9mm back in 1985, today, the bullet is now used by many police forces, Special Ops units in the US Military, and countless civilians for personal defense.

.308 Caliber Bullet

The 308 was first used by the US Military in the Vietnam War in both the M14 and M16 rifles. The most common use for this bullet nowadays is for hunters who load it into their bolt-action rifles. These silver bullets honor the storied history of the Winchester Hunting Rifle, and were made with 2 oz .999 fine silver to symbolize the value these guns brought to american history.

12 Gauge Shotgun Shell

The very first shotgun shells were originally made in the late 1800s by Winchester using brass, meaning they could be used and reloaded almost indefinitely. Starting in the 1960's plastic shotgun shells started becoming more mainstream and by the 80's they were essentially universal. Whether you opt for silver or step up to the gold/rhodium plated version for that extra shine, you're getting 5 oz of .999 fine silver..

.50 Caliber Bullet

50 caliber bullets have been used in many different machine guns, including the iconic Gatling gun during the Civil War. The bullet was not officially adopted by the US Military until 1921, when it started being used for the Browning Machine Gun. The bullets were used as anti-craft, anti-vehicle, and armor piercing rounds. Not only are they a great way to show off your pride in the 2nd amendment, they make a gift that will truly be valued for many years to come.

About the SilverTowne Mint

All of the Silver and Gold & Rhodium plated bullets are produced by the private SilverTowne Mint. The SilverTowne Mint is very highly respected by silver stackers for their large collection of silver rounds and silver bars that they produce.

Add these to your own silver collection, or even purchase them as a gift for a loved one at SD Bullion today!

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