Paul Eberhart

Paul Eberhart
Paul Eberhart
Senior Market Analyst and Columnist

Paul Eberhart has been actively trading and writing about precious metals for more than a decade. A U.S. Army Iraq War Combat Veteran, he holds an AS in Information Systems and Security from Western Technical College and a BA in Spanish from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

His market analysis has been enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of investors and shared on several platforms in the gold and silver online community.

  1. Markets Spooked By Yellen’s Interest Rate Comments

    Markets Spooked By Yellen’s Interest Rate Comments

    Inflation is a consequence, and inflation has consequences. The impact of such a statement on the markets, even though the statement was qualified with doubt, was instantaneous. Right now, it is pretty clear the Fed and the Federal government are “all-in” on this inflation being transitory, and the very nature of the word “transitory” means that some time must pass until they know whether the inflation is in fact transitory, or not, and if the inflation is not transitory, wouldn’t the financial interventionists already be behind the curve in fighting the inflation?

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  2. New Evidence: Powell Is Wrong About Transitory Inflation

    New Evidence: Powell Is Wrong About Transitory Inflation

    So here’s the honest, uncomfortable question: Does this sound like “transitory” inflation, or does this sound like the first response to the US dollar hyperinflation?

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  3. Soda, Silver, And Inflation: The New Cola Wars

    Soda, Silver, And Inflation: The New Cola Wars

    The topic of rising prices is perhaps more important now than ever, however, especially if we are entering a stagflationary or hyperinflationary environment, because inflation affects pretty much everybody, and it certainly affects all users of US dollars. The return of the Cola Wars.

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  4. Inflation In The Statistics Leads To Recovery Risks

    Inflation In The Statistics Leads to Recovery Risks

    It sure seems like things are moving fast these days. That is to say, these are not just challenging times on Main Street or on Wall Street, but rather, these are times when the fundamentals are rapidly changing, and sooner or later, the fundamentals will have to matter. Therefore, now is a good time to review some of the fundamentals...

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  5. Is Economic Optimism Taking Over Main Street?

    Midweek Market Report

    Arguably, there is nothing but optimism in the financial markets. The Fed is providing endless liquidity to seemingly any entity in need, the US stock market keeps hitting record high after record high, and there is nothing but escalating excitement around existing or up-and-coming financial market products such as designer ETFs, digital non-fungible tokens, and more. Indeed, it is quite the party on Wall Street...

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  6. Is Economic Recovery Really on its Way?

    Is Economic Recovery Really on its Way?

    The markets and the economy are not in the clear just yet. One may be looking forward to the economic “recovery”, but all signs point to continued challenges, difficulties, and struggles.

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