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Paul Eberhart

Paul Eberhart
Paul Eberhart
Senior Market Analyst and Columnist

Paul Eberhart has been actively trading and writing about precious metals for more than a decade. A U.S. Army Iraq War Combat Veteran, he holds an AS in Information Systems and Security from Western Technical College and a BA in Spanish from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

His market analysis has been enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of investors and shared on several platforms in the gold and silver online community.

  1. Market Mayhem & Economy “Running Hot”

    Market Mayhem & Economy “Running Hot”

    Much of the country has recovered or is in the process of recovering from last week’s severe Winter weather disturbance, but there is no rest for the weary in today’s financial environment, and as such, this week, market participants are facing all sorts of interesting dynamics.

    There have been some remarkable movements in the markets over the last several days. From high flying tech stocks looking like they’re falling out of the sky to the rollercoaster ride that is Bitcoin, to yields on US Government debt continuing their surge higher, there has been no shortage of interesting price action.

    Furthermore, the price action in the markets is screaming the word “inflation” from the rooftops, and I’m not using hyperbole when I write that either.

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  2. Gold & Silver Continue to Come Under Pressure

    Gold & Silver Continue to Come Under Pressure

    Gold & silver continue to come under pressure as the stock market and Bitcoin hit fresh new all-time highs, again. There is a storm brewing in the markets, however, and it is best seen in the commodities and in the bond market, and this is not just any storm, but an inflationary storm at best.

    And at worst?

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  3. Is the Silver Bull Building?

    Is the Silver Bull Building?

    Last week we took a look at some pressures that were weighing on silver in the short-term, and those pressures have indeed helped explain some of the weakness we’ve seen in silver. This week, it would be a good idea to look at pressures that are soon to shift the outlook from weakness in the short-term to rally time!

    When will silver rally, and how high will the price go?

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  4. What Is Going On With Silver?

    What Is Going On With Silver?

    What a wild ride in silver!

    In just one week, silver blasted off from under $24.75 to over $30, and then silver plunged right back down to under $27 again! While in the long-term, yes, this is going to be one great ride in silver for silver investors, now that several days of the so-called "Reddit-inspired silver squeeze" have gone by, and the attention to the cause is arguably waning, some unfriendly forces have emerged and appear to be weighing down on the price of silver in the short-term, and if not outright weighing down on the price, then at the very minimum, stemming the rising tide. While this can be an emotional rollercoaster for many people, especially people trading into and out of financialized, paper silver market positions, which I do not recommend doing, the key is to understand that any pressure on silver here is short-term.

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  5. Interesting Things Happening on Wall Street and Main Street

    Interesting Things Happening on Wall Street and Main Street

    Is anybody else having a grand old time trying to keep up with all of the finance news?

    So many things are happening in the markets and in the economy right now that is absolutely amazing. That is to say, there are some interesting things happening on Wall Street and on Main Street that will pretty much lead to direct or indirect ramifications for everybody, and as such, as we approach the end of January 2021, now would be a good time to assess a few of the more important current events.

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  6. Yellen says "Act Big," What Does This Mean for Silver?

    Yellen says "Act Big," What Does This Mean for Silver?

    Many market participants are focusing on the President today, and that would include both the departing and the incoming, but when it comes to the economy and the markets, there is perhaps an even bigger story taking place that Silver Bugs, Stackers, and other Smart Investors may want to make note of The official approval for US fiscal and monetary policies to unite and form one happy marriage. Or so market participants think.

    The mainstream media is indeed rather optimistic, but here’s a little spoiler: This marriage is going to end in financial disaster, and it’s really going to be hard on the couple’s only child, the US Dollar!

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