Chris Keller

Chris Keller
Chris Keller
Product Specialist

Chris Keller has a passion for the precious metals industry (he's been collecting coins since he was a child). He specifically enjoys creating written and video content around unique products that our customers might not see otherwise. At SD Bullion, Chris has consulted thousands of bullion investors leading to millions of dollars in sales. He enjoys learning about both new and old coins, especially US Mint products. In his free time, he is often either playing or watching sports.

  1. New Gold Silver Ratio Chart from 1862-2020 Just Released

    Gold Silver Ratio Chart

    SD Bullion has just released a brand-new Gold to Silver Spot Price Ratio Chart that shows the gold-to-silver ratio in a new, unique way. The chart is in the shape of a circle with a Gold Eagle and Silver Eagle split in the middle. The circular chart clearly shows how the ratio has progressed over the past two centuries. Click here to see the full-size chart!

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  2. Does Silver Rust? What You Need to Know About Silver Oxidation

    While silver is susceptible to oxidation, it is not the same type of oxidation that other metals experience when they “rust”. When other metals like iron suffer from rust, they are permanently damaged. Often times in silver oxidation, most, if not all of the oxidation is able to be polished or cleaned using a variety of methods.

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  3. Does Silver Tarnish?

    What is Silver Tarnishing and What Causes It?

    Tarnishing, also called toning, is an effect on the outermost layer of a metal that causes the metal to become discolored. Like iron rusts when exposed to oxygen, silver can tarnish when exposed to the air due to a reaction between silver and hydrogen sulfide in the air. Also, touching silver products with your hands may cause tarnishing over time due to the oils from your skin. 

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  4. How to Buy Silver Coins

    Silver Coins: Where, Why & How to Buy Them?

    What are Silver Coins?

    First, we must establish what silver coins are. Silver coins contain pure silver, with the most common weight being 1 troy ounce coins (1 troy oz = 1.09714 oz). Silver coins are also minted in fractional weights like ¼ oz & ½ oz. They are also minted in larger pieces such as 5 oz or 1 kilo (1 kilo = 32.1507 troy oz).

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  5. 2020 American Gold Eagle Coins Now On Sale

    2020 American Gold Eagle Blog

    The American Gold Eagle is a favorite among both gold collectors and gold stackers every year, but especially with the year 2020 being on these coins, they are sure to intrigue any collector of gold coins. In addition to this, they are still the most highly recognized gold coin in the world, so Gold Eagle Coins are considered to be one of the most easily-tradeable gold coins on the market.

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