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Approach of the Wise Men - 6 Pointed Star 1 oz Silver Proof Coins Online

One of the three Christmas-themed coins issued by the New Zealand Mint, this 1 troy ounce Silver coin features a famous story from the Bible.

The design on this coin is a depiction of the famous Bible story about the three wise men from the East who come to witness the birth of Jesus Christ, guided by a shining star in the sky.

Each of these coins contains 1 troy ounce of fine 0.999 Silver (Ag). Moreover, they enjoy the full backing of the Niuean Government - part of the territory of New Zealand.

The obverse of this coin features the portrayal of Queen Elizabeth II, and above this depiction - the six-pointed star is proudly engraved on the coin. The portrait of the Queen is per the standards set by all other legal tender in New Zealand. Additionally, the rim of the coin features its face value in NZD ($2) followed by the purity and weight of Silver used to strike the coin. The year of issue '2016' precedes the face value of the coin.

On the other hand, the reverse of the coin features a beautiful depiction of the three wise men, laden with gifts while they look toward the six-pointed star for guidance. Six smaller stars adorn both sides of the large six-pointed star design. In fact, this six-pointed star is also a reference to the famous model of the Hebrew six-pointed star.

Reminiscent of a favorite Bible tale, this coin is a brilliant precious metal product to purchase in the spirit of Christmas. The elegant design and artwork ensure that you have an artistic coin made of pure Silver, that is worth showcasing during the holiday season. Moreover, the official backing of the Government of Niue makes sure that your money is spent on an investment created from the finest standards in real Silver products.


Diameter: 39 mm
Weight: 1 oz
Purity: 0.999 Silver
Mintage: 1,500

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