2018 Gold Britannia Coin BU 1 oz

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Featuring the Royal Mint’s brand-new guilloche design, the 2018 1 oz Great Britain Britannia Gold Coins are now available at SD Bullion. These annually releasing coins are popular throughout the world due to the sublime quality and gold purity associated with all Royal Mint products.

Each of these coins contains 1 troy ounce of 0.9999 pure gold. Moreover, the United Kingdom has given these coins legal tender status with guaranteed face values of £100 each as well.

The very first Gold Britannia Coin was launched in 1987. For a decade, gold was the only metal that the Royal Mint used to strike Britannia coins. However, as part of the series’ 10th anniversary celebration, the series got a silver coin as well. Both these releases are popular across the globe, and both investors and collectors await its release every year.

This year’s Gold Britannia features the familiar portrayal of Goddess Britannia on its reverse. Her robes billow in the strong sea winds as she menacingly holds up a trident, while carrying a shield and an olive branch in her other hand.

On the obverses of these coins, Queen Elizabeth II’s most recent portrait (created in 2016) makes an appearance.

Complete your coin collections by adding the 2018 Great Britain Gold Britannia Coin to them immediately. Not only are these coins excellent purchases for collectors who want to own the full series of coins, their 0.9999 pure gold makes them extremely valuable gold assets to investors. SD Bullion ships coin orders in multiples of 25 in original Mint Tubes, while orders in multiples of 500 are shipped in authentic Royal Mint Monster Boxes.

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