2018 Austrian Silver Philharmonic Coin (Tube) - Buy 19 Coins Get 1 Free!

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Buy 19 Coins, Get 1 Free Courtesy of SD Bullion and the Austrian Mint!

Buy these new, 2018 Austrian Philharmonic Silver Coins at Only $1.07 Over Spot!

Here's How The Math Works with a Sample Spot Price of $16.50:

If you purchase 19 coins at $1.99 over the sample spot price above, you are paying: $351.31 ($16.50 + $1.99 x 19 coins). Since you are getting 1 free coin for each 19 coins you purchase, you are effectively paying ONLY $1.07 over spot per coin! (Sample purchase price of 351.31 / 20 coins = $17.57 per coin, $17.57 - $16.50 = $1.07 over spot).

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I buy 19 coins, will I get the tube for free?
A: Yes! When you purchase this SKU, you are only paying for 19 coins, but you will be receiving 20 coins in a mint sealed tube sourced directly from the Austrian Mint.

Q:If I buy two tubes, will I get two coins for free?
A: Yes! For each 19 coins you purchase, you will receive 1 coin for free. For example, if you purchase 2 units of this SKU (38 coins), you will get 2 free silver coins and your order would be shipped in two mint sealed tubes sourced directly from the Austrian Mint.

Q: Can I buy as many mint sealed tubes as I want?
A: Yes! This offer is not limited to only 19 coins and 1 free. You can buy as many units of this SKU as you'd like. For each unit you purchase (19 coins), you'll be getting an extra coin for free!

Q: Can I purchase a monster box of this offer?
A: Yes! Simply order 25 units of this SKU. You will be paying for 475 coins and getting 25 silver coins for free shipped in a mint sealed monster box sourced directly from the Austrian Mint!

Coin Highlights

The Austrian Mint is back with yet another annual silver coin release under one of Europe’s most renowned coin programs – the 2018 1 oz Austrian Silver Philharmonic Coin.

Although the silver variants of the Philharmonic coins released much later in 2008, they are now the most well-known and highest minted silver coins in Europe. Both collectors and investors love these coins due to their beautiful designs and sublime quality.

Each of these coins is struck using 1 troy ounce of 0.999 (99.9%) pure silver. Moreover, these coins are recognized as legal tender in EU – carrying face values of €1.50 (Euro) each.

While multiples of 20 Austrian Silver Philharmonics ship out in authentic mint sealed tubes, multiples of 500 are shipped to you in Monster Boxes.

Although the designs etched on these coins are well-known and identical to their gold counterparts, the silver finish adds another dimension to them.

The Grand Pipe Organ from the Musikverein Concert Hall, Vienna is splashed across the obverse along with the coin’s face value, year of issue, and purity and weight of the silver used to strike it. On the other hand, the famed array of instruments used by the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra is portrayed on the reverse sides of these coins.

These 2018 Austrian Silver Philharmonics are essential to collectors hoping to maintain a complete set of this renowned coin series. Moreover, they make great gifting items for the holiday season or special occasions and fit right into most precious metals investment portfolios!

Tube Quantity: 20
Mint Box Quantity: 500
Diameter: 37 mm
Purity: 0.999
Metal Content: 1 Troy Oz
Denomination: 1,5 Euros

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