2017-W Proof American Gold Eagle 1 oz | Includes Original Mint Box and COA


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2017-W US Mint American Gold Eagle Proof Coin for Sale

Encased in an attractive display case, this 2017-W American Gold Eagle Proof Coin is in pristine condition – ready to showcase in your coin collections. Proof coins are struck using a special minting process that gives their designs a frosted finish, contrasting perfectly with the mirror-finished gold surface of the coin.

A Certificate of Authenticity from the United States Mint accompanies each of these proof coins, assuring buyers of only genuine American Gold Eagle Proof Coins. Every coin is struck using 1 troy ounce of 0.9167 (22-karat) pure gold. Furthermore, the United States Government guarantees a face value of $50 (USD). Ever since the American Gold Eagle program started, it has been a massive success amongst collectors. Proof coins are specially struck for collectors who prefer more detailed, pronounced design work.

Lady Liberty’s image graces the obverse of this 2017-W American Gold Eagle Proof Coin as she strides forward with the United States Capitol building in the background. She is depicted holding the famed torch in one hand, while her other hand raises an olive branch that signifies peace and liberty as the way forward for the United States of America.

Reverses of these proof coins highlight Miley Busiek’s handiwork – showcasing a family of Bald Eagles – the National Bird of the United States of America. The ‘W’ mint mark is also visible on this side, indicating that these coins were struck at the West Point Mint.
Snag these 2017-W American Gold Eagle Proof Coin and enhance your coin collections with a beautiful product from the United States Mint – ready to display in the beautiful satin-lined box.

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