2017 Silver Shield Blood for Oil - Death of the Dollar Series


2017 Silver Shield Blood for Oil - Death of the Dollar Series

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2017 Silver Shield Blood for Oil | Death of the Dollar Micro Mintage Series

Total Mintage Of Only 1,000!

Ever since Nixon took the Dollar off of the international gold standard, the Petro Dollar trade has been a crucial part of Dollar dominance.

Henry Kissinger is secretly the godfather of the Petro Dollar. He knew that a fiat dollar would eventually crash unless there was continuous demand for it. As part of his plan they would increase the price of oil by hundreds of percent and have those oil nations recycle those dollars through the financial centers of London and New York. The US would provide critical military protection from the Communists to the north.

The US at the time controlled the two largest oil producers with King Faisal in Saudi Arabia and the Shah in Iran that they placed there after the CIA's coup of Democratically elected Mossedegh.

The contrived plan worked well with the Arab nations proclaiming oil "shortages" against the "great Satan" that made the price of oil go up 400% in 1973.

Curiously the Arab nations declaring only to trade oil for dollar and then recycling those dollars through New York and London.

These "oil shocks" benefited the Anglo American Oil barons that saw huge profits to reinvest in expensive projects like the North Sea oil field.

This Petro Dollar also served as a way of exporting inflation as new dollars were printed they were hoarded by foreign nations in order to afford the oil they needed.

Despite being in the twilight of the Petro Age, these deep financial and political roots still matter with the Zionist Greater Israel Project, demonization of Iran and the reliance of Europe and China on Middle East oil, it is assured the US will continue to spill blood for oil.
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Metal TypeSilver
IRA ApprovedNo
Mint Capsule IncludedYes
Metal Content1 Troy Oz
Diameter40 mm
Mint/ ManufacturerGolden State Mint
Country of ManufactureUnited States
Tube/Sheet QuantityN/A
Mint Box QuantityN/A
Grade ServiceN/A
Release TypeN/A
Edge DesignReeded
Certificate of AuthenticityYes
International Shipping EligibleYes
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