2017 15 Gram Chinese Gold Panda Coin BU

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Buy 2017 15 Gram Chinese Gold Panda Coins

This series of coins was first produced in 1982 with the imperial weighing system in place. Since 2016, China has decided to shift to the metric system. What makes this series of China Gold Panda coins special is that with every yearly issue, the design on the reverse of the coin changes.

The 15 Gram Chinese Gold Panda Coin is made from the purest of gold with a .999 purity level. Each coin is made and showcases the amazing craftsmanship of the Chinese mints. Additionally, each coin is designated a face value of 200 Yuan backed by the Chinese Government.

The reverse of this coin shows a panda holding a shoot of bamboo and admiring it. The Panda being the National animal of China, captures the essence and elegance of the wildlife in China. At the bottom of this side, the weight and purity of the Gold are imprinted, while its face value is engraved on the left of the Panda image.

On the obverse side, the astounding Hall of Prayer in the Temple of Heaven is depicted. Above it, written in Chinese letters, is a phrase which translates to 'People's Republic of China.’ Moreover, the year of issue ‘2017,’ is seen at the bottom of the coin face.

This coin is a great investment opportunity for investors interested in diversifying and expanding their investment portfolio to include quality Chinese Gold products. In addition to this, the official backing by the Chinese Government only increases the trust that investors place on the authenticity and purity of the Gold in this coin.

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