2017 NGC PF-70 Early Releases Gold Buffalo Proof Coin 1 oz | Buffalo Label

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Featuring a special NGC buffalo label, each of these secure plastic slabs contains one 2017 Gold Buffalo Proof Coin. Moreover, the label certifies the striking of these coins within the first 30 days of release with an ‘Early Releases’ designation. Every one of these coins is graded a perfect PF-70 Ultra Cameo, guaranteeing a flawless proof coin specimen as well as a brilliant contrast between the frosted designs and polished gold surface.

Grades from NGC have been known to increase a proof coin's value and desirability significantly. However, a perfect PF-70 Ultra Cameo grade places these coins in a league of their own – ensuring such impeccable proof coin specimens that even magnification cannot detect any surface flaws.

Each of these coins is assigned a face value of $50 (USD) by the United States Government. Moreover, they are struck using 1 troy ounce of 0.9999 pure gold.

James Earle Fraser’s rendition of a Native American Chieftain appears on the obverses of these coins. Fraser originally created this design for the Indian Head Nickel (also known as the Buffalo Nickel) in 1913. A ‘W’ mint mark indicates the striking of these coins at the West Point facility of the United States Mint.

These 2017 Gold Buffalo Proof Coins are one of the finest gold products released by the United States Mint. Moreover, their perfect NGC grades and the unique buffalo label further adds to their value and desirability. Snag one of these PF-70 Ultra Cameo Proof Coins before stocks run dry due to their limited mintage.

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