2016 Niue California Gold Rush Silver Coin | Antique Finish | 24k Gold "Nugget"


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2016 1 oz Niue California Gold Rush Silver Coin with 24k Gold "Nugget" (Antique Finish)

Prospectors have ‘rushed’ upon news of a new gold discovery to many locations around the World since the early days of civilization. This coin is the first in a series of Gold Rush themed coins, approved by the Treasury of New Zealand, and Queen Elizabeth II, commemorating the larger gold rushes in Modern times, beginning with the California gold rush of 1848.

Uniquely, this set of silver coins will each contain, in a transparent capsule, genuine 24 - Karat gold leaf. This patent protected process will allow collectors to be able to hold a piece of gold of a higher purity than found in nature.

After the overwhelming success of the proof version, SD Bullion is now proud to offer the same great coin, but in a stunning antique finish.

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