2015 Silver Shield 7 Sins of Obama 1oz Copper


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Buy Silver Shield Copper Rounds Online at the Lowest Price Guaranteed From the Most Trusted Gold and Silver Bullion Dealer in the US

The 7 Sins of Obama is now available in striking copper!

1 troy oz .999 fine copper

Multiples of 20 rounds ship in original mint tubes.

Air Tight Size: 40mm

This 1 troy oz .999 fine copper coin artistically depicts the true legacy of our Noble Peace Prize Winner.

1 - The cost, intrusion and eventual death panels of Obamacare.

2 - The generational debts that he incurred which is more than the first 42 presidents combined.

3 - The illegal immigration crisis that he is encouraging that leaves us exposed to terrorism, disease and lower wages.

4 - The inhuman drone warfare used internationally and will eventually be used here at home.

5 - The spying of the surveillance society to control everyone.

6 - The rash of Executive Orders including the legalization of illegal immigrants.

7 - The ultimate sin of betrayal as our Nero fiddles (golfs) while the American Empire burns.

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