1985 1 oz Gold Chinese Panda Coin - In Original Mint Packaging

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With a small mintage of just 55,539 coins, these 1985 Chinese Gold Panda coins are a rare find in the precious metals market. The original mint packaging ensures that these coins have remained untouched and are in BU condition – further enhancing their desirability.

In addition to containing 1 troy ounce of 0.999 pure gold, these gold coins are also assigned a face value of 100 Yuan. Full backing of a sovereign government significantly enhances the value of these coins, inspiring confidence among investors and collectors alike.

These are one of the few official gold bullion coins in the world that feature annually changing designs, making each year’s release – highly anticipated as well as unique.

Obverses of these Chinese Gold Panda Coins remain the same across all releases of these coins, depicting the Hall of Prayer for Abundant Harvests in the Temple of Heaven in Beijing.

The coin’s reverses, however, change each annually. Each year unveils a brand-new panda design, ensuring that coins across releases remain unique. The 1985 Chinese Gold Panda Coin features an image of a panda playfully hanging off a bamboo branch. Additionally, the face value of the coin is imprinted to the left of this depiction.

Providing a rare opportunity for collectors to complete their collections and investors to have a chance at investing in one of the earlier releases of the Chinese Gold Panda Coins, SD Bullion now has these coins in stock, complete with original mint packaging. Snag these rare Gold Panda Coins before we inevitably run out of stock!

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